Sunday, December 9, 2012

Washing Quilts Part 2

For some reason I couldn't continue in the last post so read it first, please.

If you do not prewash the fabric you can always test for colour fastness when you are done. Take the scraps and wash them. Check the water for colour or lay the wet fabric on paper towels and see if there is any colour on the paper towel. It is not too late to treat the quilt with Retayne after it is quilted.
I always prewashed stash fabric because, if I never got around to using it, at least I had spent some time enjoying the colours and design as I ironed it.
I tell people to consider who will have the quilt and how will they take care of it.  The answer to these questions will help you decide what batt to use and what quilting design to use. 
Are you making a family heirloom?  Use the best quality fabric, batt and thread. 
Will the quilt be washed once a month?  Consider batt with some polyester and quilt closely together.  Take a deep breath, let the quilt go and enjoy the fact the receipts will be using your gift so well they will love it to pieces.

I could go on and on except breakfast calls.  But, it occurs to me that a quilter puts alot of effort into creating a quilt.  Quite literally, she or he puts in blood, sweat and tears at times.  There is always a piece of your heart that goes with the quilt to its receipent.  The hardest part is letting go. 

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