Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ultimate Pin Caddy

This is a pin caddy I would like to receive.  It would make me look organized when I go to class, it would save Nellie's paws from being stuck with a pin and it would make sure snips and needles are close at hand for an easy binding a quilt on the way to giving it away.
The main body is a colourful plastic dish with a magnet to hold tight to pins when you drop it.  There is a U-groove which allows for easy pin pick up from the top of the caddy.  When storing or transporting the caddy you can cover the pins with a transparent lid.  The lid features a triple pin slot so pins can be slid through onto the caddy without removing the lid.  That means there is a second way to keep you from spilling pins all over the floor or for protecting curious little fingers when you forget to put the caddy away.  When removed, the lid nests under caddy when not in use.  It also has a storage box underneath the caddy.  The box slides securely to the bottom and is large enough to hold a pair of small scissors and snips.  At $14.99, it is worth the time it saves me on the floor collecting pins!
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