Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quilt Labels

Yes, we should really label our quilts so future generations will know all about when and where the heirloom was created.  Really though, not all quilts are made to survive that long.  I will label a quilt if I am giving it away and know the recipient will take great care of it.  I label quilts to hang in a show.  Other than that I am realistic.  The quilts on the bed are wearing thin and won't make it for ever and ever.  Baby quilts are made to be used so we want them to be well loved.  So here are some options based on who receives the quilt and how they use it.
1.  Nothing if you know it is going to be washed regularly and may end up on sand at the beach.
2.  Write directly on a light colour backing with a marker.  Pigma pens are permanent and have           archival ink.  However, this type of label will upset most quilters greatly so beware of who  you admit it to.
3.  Prepared labels.  Sometimes you can find premade labels that you add your name to with a marker.
4.  There are a few books with quilt label transfers.
You iron the label onto a piece of muslin or prewashed light colour plain cotton.  Then iron the label onto freezer paper as a stabilizer.  You write on it with Pigma pens, colour it with crayons or pencil crayons and heat set it.  Then it is ready to add to the back of a quilt.  There are many different transfer and each one can be used more than once (maybe 3 times).

5. Print onto prepared fabric sheets using an inkjet printer.  I use a simple publishing program like PrintMaster.  Any software for making cards will work.  If you need help there are lots of computer kids who would help you through it.  I use a two fold or four fold card to make labels.  That way I use the whole fabric sheet at once and get either 2 or 4 labels at a time. 
These are labels from a few years ago.  I treated muslin with Bubblejet Set and used a four fold card.  I printed 4 labels on one sheet and cut them apart.  Then I cut strips at 1" and framed each label.  You can't see but I lay the framed label right sides together on another piece of muslin and sewed around, leaving a 2" opening.  I turned it right side out so the edges are finished.  Then I handstitch the label to the back.  I have these samples because I spelled someone's name wrong.  Names are covered to protect identities.

This photo shows how large a 2 fold card size label would be.  I used the 2 fold size for a wedding gift and was able to add the photo from their wedding invitation.  Here are 2 photos taken in the conservation area for the wallhanging of photos from the area that I intend to make some day.

You can buy CDs of printable labels.  I haven't tried them yet but this is what to look for in your quilt shop.
Sounds like a good idea for a class in the new year.

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