Friday, November 29, 2013

Snow Walk

Finally the sun came out so Nellie and I went for a walk to the conservation area behind the store.

No one had headed this way through the parking lot.

Nellie lead the way and plowed through.

Nature' shelter for animals, snow on plants and bushes to burrow under.

Nellie got to the pond first.

Winter can be beautiful!

It was hard walking through the snow so the store up ahead was a welcome sight.  Home to lunch and a rest for tired Nellie.

Hope you enjoyed the walk with Nellie.  There are so many ideas for quilt colours on a bright and sunny winter's day!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Snowy November

Our autumn season seemed to last longer than usual.  I didn't need to find a warm coat until early last week.  Christmas seemed so far away.  But it started snowing last Saturday with a snow storm warning and we ended up with knee high snow.  Today we have another warning and could have another foot of snow.  Looking out the window shows some snow but it has been heavier than that and more is on the way.

This year the staff are making Christmas stockings to hang in the window.  Is that why we are getting so much snow so early?!  There is one more to come.  December 1 is Sunday and I am planning to start the 24 days before Christmas blogs.  Every day I will post about something a quilter would like to give or receive.  I collect up all the new notions, patterns and wonderful ideas from over the year.  I have my list ready and just need to start taking photos and typing.

Talk again Sunday.  Out to play with Nellie and Tim in the snow.....