Saturday, July 19, 2014

Shop Hopping in July

Wow!  We are overwhelmed by the number of quilters out and about for the shop hops.  We are close to 500 so far in July.  Thanks to everyone for taking the time to visit and get to know us. 

The July Shop Hop theme is Sew Canadian.  The 13 shops have used our red and white blocks to create a quilt unique to each store.  It is amazing how different each one turned out.  This is ours:

I solved the challenge of 13 store blocks by making 3 more of our 'Jacob's Ladder' block for the four corners.  It's a 52" square so you can add a border to make it larger.  I thought about using a nice forest green for the sashing but got out voted and went with black.

The Row By Row Experience is an exciting event that is running in July but will continues until September 2.  We are fortunate to have Brenda Miller of 'Among Brenda's Quilts & Bags' as a friend and pattern designer.  She has created a row , 'A Walk in the Park', which features Nellie, the store dog, going for a walk in the conservation area behind the store.  I'll find a photo and post it later... or go to the Facebook page for Ontario Row By Row Experience.

Here is the winner and her quilt for the Row By Row Experience at The Marsh Store.  Congratulations to Rosemary M!!

Reminder that the anniversary sale starts on July 28.  Check the website for more details.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Row By Row Experience

Last October when I went to Quilt Market I went to a session and heard about the Row By Row Experience.   It sounded like a great idea and something fun to participate in.  This March we received an email inviting us to be part of the first Row By Row in Ontario.  Hurray!

Row By Row is coming July 1 to September 2 (July 2 in Canada).  It is happening in 26 states and Ontario.  There are over 1100 shops participating this year.  Visit the website for more information but here is what you need to know in Ontario:

1.  Visit any participating shop and collect a few pattern for a row, 36.5" by 9.5".  There are 80 stops in Ontario.

2.  Make a quilt with a minimum of 8 different row: pieced, quilted, bound and labelled.

3.  Be the first to bring your quilt to one of the shops and win 25 fat quarters.  You may win once.

4.  Have fun!

The website will take you to a Facebook page where all the rows will be on display.  We are so fortunate to have a great friend who is also a fabulous designer.  Brenda Miller of 'Among Brenda's Quilts & Bags' is designing our row.  She is even putting our Nellie in it!  You have to come to the store in person to receive your free copy of the pattern.  We agreed to abide by the Row By Row terms when we signed up so we cannot email or snail mail the pattern.

Timeless Treasures, the fabric company, has designed a special line of fabric for this year based on the theme, Sew a Season.  The banner at the top gives you an idea of what to expect.  I am waiting for it to arrive!!  Watch the blog and our website,

Hopefully the weather will start to warm up so we know summer is really not too far away!

Quilts of Great Britain

The Ailsa Craig Community Quilt Festival is ready to start tomorrow.  This year features quilts, workshops and quilters from Great Britain.

Tomorrow we have to be closed for the Victoria Day holiday.  This year we are off from vending at the show so I have time to take a class and visit the show to view the quilts.  I am so looking forward to  making fabric flowers in the morning.  Stay tuned for photos.

We are open regular store hours Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm, so stop in for a visit and a chat. See the  new samples and hear about the events coming this summer!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Coldstream Conservation Area in Spring

Today we have warmer weather, sunshine and time.  So Nellie and I went for a walk in the conservation area  behind the store.  It is a wonderful place to visit and we met lots of walkers and dogs on the trail.  I took along my camera to record some signs of spring.  There are a few quilting inspirations too.

Skunk Cabbage flowers, always a first sign.  Love the lime green and deep red!
Spring green, layers of colour in the water, reflections
Nellie, aka Little Miss Muddy Paws
I took some photos of things that inspire modern quilting lines.

This bark makes me think of random lines and boxes.  More parallel than not, I think.

Or wavier lines than ebb and flow towards each other and away.

Or concentric rings, quarter circles like a Baptist fan maybe.

Nellie and I had a great time.  Would you like to join us sometime?!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Think Spring

This winter is dragging on.  By the beginning of March we are used to melting snow and bits of green grass peeking through.  It is still well below freezing day and night.  All we see outside is white on white on white.  I wanted to enjoy some colour so took a couple of photos.  I keep looking at the light and springy Kona cottons.

Here are the photos for you to enjoy too:

This is Northcott Kids' pastel rainbow Stonehenge.  It looks great with the Benartex cats and cat stripe.  

Northcott's Artisan Spirit in 3 colours.  The rest of the colours are coming in March.

Enjoy!!  Think spring.  These freezing temperatures can't last forever.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Jacquie Gering Lecture Tickets Are Available Now

Of course, I just realized I didn't put the $20 plus HST on the poster.

Tickets are available at Hyggeligt in London, Sew Creative in Mt Brydges or The Marsh Store in Coldstream.  Or, purchase them online at

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cell Phone Wallet

The winds were blowing and the snow drifting so not many people came to the store yesterday.  So, I decided to make something small that I could finish.  Since it was small and a second one always seems like to take less time that the first I decided to make two.

The wallet on the left is made from fabric that has been on the shelf for awhile.  The one on the right is fabric coming in February called 'Piecemakers' by Kathy Schmetz.  Our guild show in April is called Piecemakers so it is a 'must have'.

The wallet takes 2 fat quarters, some interfacing, 2 D-ring closure and a little piece of clear vinyl.  There are 2 pockets on the outside, one under the flap and one on the back.  Inside there is a vinyl pocket, a large pocket and several card holders.

 The business card is peeking out of a large pocket that holds your phone.  The pocket at the top is the vinyl one.  Upside down at the bottom are the card pockets.  There is room for 6.  The strap is optional.  The binding was made easier with a couple of tools.  The directions say to sew it to the inside and topstitch to the outside.  I used Wonder Clips from Clover to help hold the binding as I went around.  They held the corners in place until I could get close enough that a stiletto (in this case my seam ripper) would hold the folds in place.  Also, several years ago I got a foot for my Pfaff called a bi-level topstitch foot.  That really helped me sew close to the edge without slipping off.
Now, remember I said the directions said to sew the binding to the inside.  Well I was halfway around the topstitching before I realized it was the wrong side.  If you go back to the top photo you can see the difference.  The good news is that the choice of fabric makes a difference.  The bi-level topstitch foot kept my sewing lines straight but the check design on the fabric hides a lot!  It would not have worked so well with turquoise thread on black fabric for the other one.  There is a problem with doing it the opposite way to the directions.  I had a difficult time fitting my cards in the small pockets.  In time and with frequent card use, I am sure the fabric will stretch enough to make spending easier.

I think this is a great wallet to use when you don't want to bring your purse (life in a bag) into every store.  Combined with 'Among Brenda's Quilts & Bags' bag called 'Everything Goes Bag' I will be ready for anything!