Sunday, December 2, 2018

December 3 to 8 Sale

Remaining store inventory is 70% off the regular price, all week.

Remaining store samples are priced as marked.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Sales Continue

Time is flying by.  The retirement sales are continuing.  By the end of tomorrow, Saturday November 24, most of the store will be on sale for 60% off.  The last area will be starting the progressive sale next week.  The main room colours, widebacks and Canada fabric will be on sale, as well as precuts and stabilizers.

Monday November 26       10% off
Tuesday November 27       20% off
Wednesday November 28  30% off
Thursday November 29     40% off
Friday November 30          50% off
Saturday December 1         60% off

By December 1 all regular priced merchandise will be 60% off. 

All thread left will be sold to the new owner.  All remaining batting will be sold to the new owner.

So what becomes of the remaining inventory after December 1?  I have been thinking about it and have decided:

December 3 to 8       70% off everything

December 10 and 11     75% off
December 12 and 13     80% off
December 14                 85% off
December 15                 90% off

I will post on Facebook whether there is anything left by December 15. 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Customer Appreciation Cards are Ending

Full and part cards can be redeemed by 5 pm on Wednesday October 31.  Starting November 1 they are no longer valid.  

November 1 to 4 we are organizing for the sales.

November 5 to 10:  All Christmas, Halloween and holiday theme fabrics are on sale.  
                                 This includes fat quarters, kits and panels.

Remember the the sale is 10% off Monday, 20% on Tuesday...  The sale discount increases by 10% each day until it reaches 60% on Saturday.

You must be present for the sale.  No preorders or holds are available.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Retirement Plans at The Marsh Store

It’s been 4 years since I blogged but will post here about the closing plans for the store.

I will be closing the store on Saturday December 15 at 5 pm.  It will reopen in January with the new store owner, Tracy Hillman.

We are redeeming full and partial Customer Appreciation Cards until 5mpm on Wednesday October 31.  Cards will be void after that time.

Sales start Monday November 5.

Each week something new will be added to the sale.  For that week, sale amount will increase each day.
Monday will be 10% off whatever is on sale.
Tuesday will be 20% off.
Wednesday will be 30% off.
Thursday will be 40% off.
Friday will be 50% off.
Saturday will be 60%.

Nothing can be preordered or set aside.  You must be here in person to receive the sale price.

November sale items will be Christmas, Halloween other holiday items.  I will likely add something else but that is the plan so far.

I will post more as plans are firmed up.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas, Colour and 2015

December had flown by, as it usually does.  I still have ideas to share, more things quilters might want and need for quilting.  Have you heard about Kraft-tex?  Have you tried the new Studio 180 tool, Corner Pop?  Are you planning to take part in the July Shop Hop?  Yikes!
This is the season to take time for family and friends.  Relax and enjoy.  It is the memories made visiting that last long after the festivities are over. 
Here is the last idea for quilters this year.  What is your colour style?  Everyone is drawn to colour so differently.  We see quilters drawn to their preferences when choosing fabrics for the next project.  They struggle when making a quilt for someone else who has given them preferences out of their comfort zone.  That is where we can help.  That is the fun part of working in a quilt shop.  Thanks for letting us play with you in choosing fabrics for your quilt.  It is the fun part. 
Looking forward to next season, visit the Pantone Color Institute website to see where colour is heading in 2015.  The colours used for fashion in the spring are seen in the fabrics coming in the first half of the year.  Colours are cooler and softer.  There are still some spots of brightness but the overall feel is more subtle.  Will you be the first to spot the colour of the year?

Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.Leatrice EisemanExecutive Director, Pantone Color Institute®                

This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.
Leatrice EisemanExecutive Director, Pantone Color Institute®    


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Who Thought It Was A Good Idea?

I know I am not the only one who thought giving a quilt item would be a good idea.  I am sure, also, that I am not the only one who will be binding in the car on the way to a family gathering on Thursday.  This is Canada and we live in the lee of the Great Lakes, particularly Lake Huron.  If the fall has been warm, the lake is not frozen over and any wind coming across can pick up moisture and drop it as snow over our area.  Long term planning is dependent on the weather and which way the wind is blowing. 

Good news!  Christmas Day is Thursday and the weather should be good for travelling.  We decided on Sunday, the day before yesterday, that the weather would allow us to travel to Hamilton to spend the day with Tim's sister and her family. 

A quilted gift doesn't really take all that long to make if it is placemats or a doll quilt.  An experienced quilter should be able to get a couple of gifts done fairly quickly.  Right?

I started yesterday on some placemats for my sister-in-law's mother-in-law because placemats you make mean "I was thinking of you but didn't go shopping and choose something that would make you feel guilty in not having a gift to return the favour but show you I am glad to be sharing this special day with you."  Right? 

Tuesday 10 am progress report:

If I quilt and bind 2 at a time, I can see how many to wrap Christmas morning.

On Sunday, at a Christmas dinner with Tim's cousins, Tim asked his sister if the great nephews would like some vintage toys he has in his collection.  She said they would.  But what about the great nieces, I thought.  I volunteered to make a couple of doll quilts.  It wouldn't take long to whip up a couple.  Right?

Tuesday 10 am progress report:

There is a second doll quilt underneath.  If I get the borders on before going out I could quilt them tonight. 

The one good idea I am going with is that placemats and doll quilts will be well used, well washed and well loved.  That means I should sew the binding on the back and bring it to the front for topstitching.  That will make them more durable and save me a whole whack of time instead of binding by hand in the car on the way.  Right?

My friend Janet sent me this image of a Procrastinator's Clock today:

I have been seen by others as an optimist.  Today I know all will be ready on time and, if not, it will be ready when it is needed.  All will work out as it should, one way or another.

Wishing you speedy projects and wonderful time with family, friends and others you care to spend time with. 

Update 8 pm

Placemats- no progress, I have tomorrow

Two doll quilts, bound by machine and ready for a washing. 

Flannel backs on both.  I used Moda candy from the 'Miss Kate' collection for the patchwork along with Kona Snow and other Moda prints by Bonnie and Camille for the borders and binding. 
Now, I can go upstairs and have some supper.

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Few of My Favourite Things

Today I would like to share some of my favourite quilty things.

Other Blogs:

Sew Mama Sew- great ideas for projects, great information.  Today I saw a link to a list of binding tutorials

Moda Bakeshop- free patterns using precuts like jelly rolls, charms squares, etc  Tons of useful information, hours of fun reading

Yarn Harlot- not quilting but knitting.  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee lives in Toronto, is an author who sees the world with humour and is someone who we can relate to.  You can relate to her stash building and use.  She will put a smile on your face, tears of laughter in your eyes and remind you that life is a roller coaster ride we might as well enjoy.


Wonder clips-  most other things I can manage without or find a substitute to fit the task.  But, when there are layers  of fabric and foam batt to hold firmly, there is no other tool that works better than these clips.  Now Clover makes them in bright colours!  Maybe  there will be some in my Christmas stocking....

Quilt Books

I love books!  All kinds of books from fiction to cooking to quilting.  I love to pull a book from the shelf and look at the quilts, think about which one I would make, read about a technique I may have forgotten.

Uh oh!  The store needs me.  I'll be back and add to this later today, maybe after I start some Christmas shopping...