Sunday, July 7, 2013

'Silhouette'. the Shop Hop Quilt

This is 'Silhouette', the July Shop Hop quilt designed by Shania Sunga.  It features two fabrics designed by her for the quilt.  There is a print with the Great Blue Heron and one with cattails.  The applique in the centre is die cut so all you have to do is snip a few bits, peel off the paper backing and applique in place.  The quilt and fabrics are available at the 10 shop stores exclusively until January 14, 2014.

All the walls in the shop are covered with quilting supplies and samples so we are hanging the quilt on the porch.  There has to be a chair in front of the stand to keep the quilt from tipping into the garden.  Under the balcony, it is protected from rain and sun.  One customer said she liked being able to see it from a distance. 

This is a bag I made with the leftover fabrics from the quilt.  I used 'Among Brenda's Quilts' pattern "Tie a Ribbon".  It will make a great donation to the Enviro-Friends of Coldstream fund raising gala next spring.  We raise funds to run programs and to help maintain the conservation area which is behind the store.  There is a pond created by a dam on the Sydenham River.  Nellie, Tim and I stroll back there in the evening.  Sometimes we see the Great Blue Heron who is a resident. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Shop Hop Banner

I picked up a new banner today.  It is hung from a flag pole as close to the road as we are allowed.  Both sides have the July Shop Hop poster so you should be able to spy it from both directions. 
Getting more excited!!

July Shop Hop

The July Shop Hop starts on Thursday July 4.  Visit to see up to the minute news.  Find out the location of the shops.

The 10 shops are featuring a special edition of Cantik Batiks.  Designed by Shania Sunga, there are 2 styles exclusively available at these shops until mid-January 2014.  One style is Great Blue Heron and the other is Cattails.  These will be unveiled on the first day, July 4.

If you love the fabrics as much as I do, you will want to make the shop hop quilt, 'Silhouette'.  It will be revealed on July 4 and be exclusive to us until the same time in January.  The quilt is 72" square, includes a fabulous die cut applique and is beautiful.  Pick up a kit from each of the 10 shops ($4.99 each) and finishing kit ($129.99) from your local participating shop.   These prices last until July 31. 

Look for more information tomorrow.  I am off to work on another shop sample featuring Great Blue Heron, Cattails and other Cantik Batiks.  Pictures coming July 4!!