Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In a Rush Projects

Need a gift in a hurry?!  Today quilters are posting ideas online using YouTube, Facebook and blogs.  But, be careful.  You may end up spending more time looking at the ideas than making the projects.

10 Minute Tablerunner

No batting, no quilting, no binding.  So does it count as a quilt?  If you need a really fast gift and you really need to downsize your stash, close to being a quilt may be good.  Many times I have been asked what prize to put on a tablerunner at a church bazaar.  Non-sewers do not see the value of your time spent on quilting and binding so find items overpriced.  This could be an answer.  One-third of a yard (0.3m) for the centre and one-half of a yard (0.47m) for the backing is all it takes.  Find great instruction videos on YouTube.  Here are our store samples:
Top one is a border print, bottom one is dark in the middle.
Quickest Quilt Top

Some call it 'Mile a Minute' and some call it 'Jelly Roll Race'.  Either way you can sew a jelly roll of 40 strips cut 2 1/2" wide into a 50" by 60" quilt top in an afternoon.  Add a border and longarm quilting machine meander so it is finished in time for the next day....
If you go to Google and enter 'jelly roll race images' you will see a great variety of tops. 
The pattern is simple.  Join the narrow end of one strip to the end of the next strip.  Piece it diagonally to create some visual interest.  Continue adding strips to the narrow tail end until all strips make one 1600 inch strip, give or take an inch or two.  Cut off the first 18".  Bring the last end to meet the first end, right sides together.  Sew about 800".  Cut the fold, and once again bring the bottom end to meet the top narrow end, RST.  Sew 400".  Cut the fold.  Keep sewing until the top is about 50" by 60".  I have seen it done with 2 1/2" squares between the strips for a more contemporary look.  For a better idea, watch a YouTube video. 
Here are some strip sets that work:
Moda jelly rolls, Hoffman Bali batiks and Timeless Treasures Tonga Treats

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