Saturday, December 15, 2012

Creative Break

As far as gifts go, one of the most valuable you can give yourself is a creative break.  This has been a very busy week with guild meetings and presentations so Nellie, the store dog, and I have taken advantage of the beautiful weather twice this week.  Canada in December can be snowy and cold.  The past few days have been sunny and about 5degrees C. 
The Marsh Store is on the edge of a small conservation area on the Sydenham River.  In the 1960s a dam was built to create a large pond.  By the pond is a picnic area.  On Thursday Nellie wanted to go over to the soccer fields with her ball so I followed.  While she played, I sat on the swings and learned swings make you breathe the way they teach you to breathe during yoga and meditation.  So if you can't take time for yoga classes, sit on a swing and practise the relaxing breathing techniques.
Yesterday Nellie and I walked down Marsh Lane to the trail.  It used to go right through to Quaker Lane.

The trail to the left.  Parking to the right.

All around are creative ideas.

This tree by the trail has fallen.  The variety of browns and beiges inspire colour combinations.  A little snow adds a spot of colour.

This stump in the river always gives me ideas about colour and texture.  The leaves are under ice in the river.

More leaves under ice with sun reflections that sparkle

Nellie waits on the boardwalk through a cedar bog.  The tree roots on the left are always interesting.

Tree stump rings remind me of echo quilting.

I have never seen the type of fungi on this log.  It is so lacy and snowy white.  The turquoise mold is a wonderful colour against the lacy white and the moldy green cedar bark.

Natures combines shades of green in such an interesting way!

The lines of the red bridge give me quilting ideas.

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