Saturday, January 28, 2012

Everything Goes Bag

How different can one bag be?!

We worked on Brenda's 'Everything Goes Bag' yesterday and today.  These bags need a little topstitching around the top and some buttons but so far they are looking pretty great!

Michelle's heading down south soon and wanted something lighter.  It makes me thing of spring.

Sharon's is striking and prefect for taking to work.  For a beginner quilter she did a great job.

We needed another store sample so I made this one.  We have the same fabric with black background which would be striking but this one is more party friendly.  It's for the girl who needs to bring everything to the party... makeup, shoes, snacks, phone, tablet, change of clothes ( and I'm thinking of those of us who need a clean shirt because we didn't wear our glasses and misjudged the spoon trajectory), etc.

I have another one on the go to replace the Christmas one I am still carrying but will post a photo when it is almost done.  This pattern is one of 'Among Brenda's Quilts' by Brenda Miller.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Buy One Get One Free... at the Sale Price!

When the weather is wintery and unpredictable I spend more time thinking in the store.  It develops into an overwhelming need to sort and clean out. 

some fat quarters
some bolts
Now that inventory is done there are lots of bolts on the sale shelf.  In fact, we expanded to the carpenter's box by the rocking chair.  The fabric is priced at $9.99 or less so you get 2 metres for that price. 
Then came the fat quarters.  All $2.00 sale fat quarters are buy one at the sale price and get a second one free.  Or, $1.00 each. 

a pile of panels
Just a start on patterns
Last week Anne got into sorting the panels.  Lots went to the $4.00 sale panel basket so they are buy one and get the second sale panel free.  At $2 a panel, there are lots that would work as bazaar items.
Now, I am on to the patterns.  They are marked down to $4.00, with the second one free. 
What's next?  Maybe some notions...
I loved everything when it was ordered but things got hidden or overlooked, are the end of a line or after a trend.  For you, it's a great time to stock up for backings, exchanges, donation quilts or bazaars.  For us, it is time to make room for the new items on order! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inventory and Sale Fabric

At the end of a fiscal year one is required to do a physical count of one's inventory.  Since I'm the one who thought it was a good idea to order the vast amjority of this stuff I can't complain.  The snowstorm and nasty weather yesterday and this morning has meant most staff stayed home and safe, thank goodness, but I have had time to work my way through.  The chopping room is completely finished and I will have the pattern room done by morning.  Ela was here yesterday so we counted all the fat quarters in the store and a few other things.
What this means for our fabulous customers is the shelves are well organized.  I've arranged the bolts in fabric lines more.  Doesn't it look nice!

To make everything fit some bolts have to go to the sales rack.  These are the bolts from the chopping room that are going...

You may have figured out this blog entry is my way of taking a break.  If this keeps up I won't get done today.  Better get back to work.....

PS  The chopping room got its name because the Marsh family chopped wood for the store wood stoves back before furnaces.  The floor is pretty rough. 
Happy New Year!