Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cell Phone Wallet

The winds were blowing and the snow drifting so not many people came to the store yesterday.  So, I decided to make something small that I could finish.  Since it was small and a second one always seems like to take less time that the first I decided to make two.

The wallet on the left is made from fabric that has been on the shelf for awhile.  The one on the right is fabric coming in February called 'Piecemakers' by Kathy Schmetz.  Our guild show in April is called Piecemakers so it is a 'must have'.

The wallet takes 2 fat quarters, some interfacing, 2 D-ring closure and a little piece of clear vinyl.  There are 2 pockets on the outside, one under the flap and one on the back.  Inside there is a vinyl pocket, a large pocket and several card holders.

 The business card is peeking out of a large pocket that holds your phone.  The pocket at the top is the vinyl one.  Upside down at the bottom are the card pockets.  There is room for 6.  The strap is optional.  The binding was made easier with a couple of tools.  The directions say to sew it to the inside and topstitch to the outside.  I used Wonder Clips from Clover to help hold the binding as I went around.  They held the corners in place until I could get close enough that a stiletto (in this case my seam ripper) would hold the folds in place.  Also, several years ago I got a foot for my Pfaff called a bi-level topstitch foot.  That really helped me sew close to the edge without slipping off.
Now, remember I said the directions said to sew the binding to the inside.  Well I was halfway around the topstitching before I realized it was the wrong side.  If you go back to the top photo you can see the difference.  The good news is that the choice of fabric makes a difference.  The bi-level topstitch foot kept my sewing lines straight but the check design on the fabric hides a lot!  It would not have worked so well with turquoise thread on black fabric for the other one.  There is a problem with doing it the opposite way to the directions.  I had a difficult time fitting my cards in the small pockets.  In time and with frequent card use, I am sure the fabric will stretch enough to make spending easier.

I think this is a great wallet to use when you don't want to bring your purse (life in a bag) into every store.  Combined with 'Among Brenda's Quilts & Bags' bag called 'Everything Goes Bag' I will be ready for anything!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bikini Island Bag

Well, today is 'Visit Your Local Quilt Shop' day and many of the roads are closed.  The high winds are blowing all the snow around.  It is not very safe to drive although there are a few cars passing by.  So I have time to sew and post about new store samples.  Hurray!!

Here is the first:

This is 'Bikini Island Bag' by Brenda of 'Among Brenda's Quilts & Bags'.  It is perfect for the beach, the ship or toting your bits and pieces.  Inside it has a zippered pocket for your valuables, a cell phone pocket and another pocket.  The pattern calls for a large button on each side.  I used some red circles to make yoyos and used a small turquoise shank button in the middle.  There is a magnetic snap closure to keep things in the bag.  I needed something bright to add colour to this monochromatic day and season so went with bright red and turquoise fabric.

Time to sew some more.... wonder what is next?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

'Visit Your Local Quilt Shop' Starts Today

We are starting the fun today.

Prize Draw

Receive a ballot with purchase to win first, second or more prizes.

First Prize-  GO machine rolling tote       You don't need a GO to make use of this tote. 
Second Prize-  Project Storage Box        Great for taking your tools to class or workshop.
More Prizes- 3 Gift Bags with lots of neat little items 

Register Prizes-  If your receipt has the word WIN on the back, you receive something extra!


Starting today Thursday, sale fat quarters are only $1 each.  I will look for more to add if they are disappearing quickly.
Starting Friday, winter prints and patterns will be 25% off.
Starting Saturday, there will be something else but I am still thinking about that one.  Maybe something for finishing quilts?  Or, for starting quilts?  It will be a surprise.....

Friday, January 17, 2014

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day is Coming

We have been busy cleaning and sorting through boxes and bins.  Scraps from store samples, Block of the Month projects and ends of bolts are being packaged, cut into strips and priced to move.  They make great additions to scrappy projects for new quilters and great contributions to projects for those in need.

It is still to early to predict the weather next Saturday so we are beginning to plan for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  There will be surprises and draws, new fabric and ideas.  More information is coming as we prepare.

Post again soon,