Friday, November 28, 2014

New Patterns from Brenda

This is the December 1 blog entry.  Somehow it got posted the other day.  But, now I am ready to begin.  The times may not be daily because of the time difference between when and where I post compared to the time zone of Blogger.  Visit every day, make a list for your family to use for shopping or just relax and enjoy!

Brenda Miller, a friend for many years, is now an internationally recognized pattern designer and publisher.  You can check out her full line of patterns on her website and under her pattern line, 'Among Brenda's Quilts and Bags'.  If you have been following the 'What's New' page on The Marsh Store website you will be familiar with the 2014 ones.

This is the first of two 'The Girlfriend's Bag' I made this fall.  It takes about 3 hours and very stylish.

'The Voyager Bag' takes a couple of days but is the perfect travel bag for overnight or as an airline carry on for longer trips.

Brenda designed the store Row By Row pattern for this last summer.  She included Nellie, the store dog, going for a walk in the conservation area behind the store.  Many people enjoy walking there during all seasons. 

December Posts Are Coming

I am starting to prepare the annual 24 days of ideas about gifts quilters would like to give or receive in December.  Panic sets in about mid-November when I think there aren't enough new things to write about.  Then I make a list and run out of days so have to start grouping them.