Monday, December 24, 2012

A Gift For You

This is the last post for the 24 days before Christmas in 2012.  Thank you for following along this year.  If you live in the area, here is a gift for you.  Print out this from the blog or email us at for a coupon.  Then come for a visit in from January 1 to 31 and receive a free pattern. 
While driving between shopping stops yesterday I was listening to a CBC radio broadcast called 'Spark'.  It is about technology but the topic was 'unboxing'.  Who knew there is a whole area of research developing around the topic of people's reaction when opening something knew?  They were talking about videotaping someone's reaction when opening tablets, laptops, phones and other gadgets.  But, it sure made me think about quilts.
Tomorrow there will be many people opening our lovingly made gifts of quilts and quilted  items.  Their reaction will be stronger and more heartfelt.  We will feel the love we put into the quilt returned and know our effort will be appreciated over years to come.  Quilts bring families together, warm bodies and hearts, and show how much we care about those we love.  Enjoy your unboxings!!

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