Saturday, December 1, 2012

Swatch Buddies

Welcome to  December ideas for quilters to give or receive.  Print out a copy to share with your family, find an idea for a quilter gift exchange or add it to your shopping list for the next trip to a quilt shop.
New this year are 'Swatch Buddies'.  Gone are the days of fabric snips taped, stapled or glued to paper.  The hard plastic tags are the size of my library card and are on a chain to keep them all in one place.  Double faced tape holds the fabric to one side.  There is an optional label for the other side to record yardage, designer, collection and store of purchase.
It comes in several sizes. The 12 count fan kit ($7.29) would work on a project for which you have some fabric and need more. The 24 count works for scrappier projects. We don't have the 48 count kit or the box of over 100 refills but am sure we can get it for you if you need it!

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