Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stocking Stuffers and More

Our shop is closed for a few days of rest and preparation (except by appointment for emergencies).  I know lots of other shops in the region are closed too.  So what can you get for a quilter if you waited until now?
Office Supply Store:
pens and pencils
large brown envelopes for storing template or patterns pieces
storages boxes
tape of all sorts
printer paper for printing out free patterns and blog ideas
label maker for organizing storage boxes
Martha Stewart supplies to make it the organization look prettier
sheet protectors for binders (we use them for block of the month paperwork)
labels for the binders
now I've sarted you thinking, etc etc etc
Big Chain Store:
big storage bins for fabric
extension cords to take to classes
storage boxes used for screws, bolts, fishing supplies
screwdrivers in mini to regular size
chocolate to keep her going on the last border
power bar with surge protector for valuable machines

magazines on quilting

Once in a store, start thinking as a quilter and there is no end to useful items for your favourite quilter.  Back up the truck!

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