Saturday, April 27, 2013

Steam a Seam

I read this information in a digest today and thought it needs to be shared.  There is a shortage of Steam a Seam by The Warm Company.  Here is an explanation:

The problem was created when the European paper company that made the
release paper for Steam a Seam decided to no longer produce that paper.
Warm Company is researching several other release papers and feel they are
close to selecting a suitable replacement. They are reluctant to give a time
frame when Steam a Seam will be available for shipping until that paper
selection is finalized.

A group of quilters was in today and bought some because they are having a hard time finding it.  If you are thinking of a project and need some, get it when you see it as it may be a while before you see it again.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Studio Dies

We added to our selection of Accuquilt Studio dies this spring.  There is a rughooking picnic down the road in Poplar Hill Park this June.  We've been invited to bring the Studio and dies to the picnic to cut wool for them.  We ordered a variety of circle dies so I added a couple of other dies to the order too.
In the photo, you can see Anne's sample using the Winding Ways die.  The block finishes 8" and requires a square at least 11.5" in size for the die.  It would be easier with 12" squares.  Customers are welcome to book a time to bring in their prepared squares for die cutting.  The Studio can cut 10 layers or squares at a time.  So we can die cut 80 squares in under 10 minutes for $10.  That makes a 64" by 80" quilt top so add some sashing and/or borders to make it the desired size. 
We have a 4" finished tumbler die waiting to try as well as an apple core that is cut 5 1/2" by 6 3/4".
We are ready to cut wool pennies for you.  In the photo you can see the dies for 1" circles cut 16 at a time, 2" circles cut 8 at a time and a peek of the 3" circles cut 9 at a time.  We can cut 1.5", 2.5", 3.5" and 5.5" circles. 

Let us die cut your stash so you can focus on sewing.