Sunday, December 16, 2012

Machine Quilting Help

Today's items are designed to help you gey a better grip on machine quilting. 

These gloves, called Machingers, are designed for machine quilters. The description suggests you keep your gloves on to thread your needle, adjust pins, or clip threads. They have soft, flexible fingertip grips with superior comfort and support. Breathable fabric retains skin's natural moisture. Excellent for machine piecing and quilting.  They come in 4 sizes including XL which actually fit my long fingers.  (Most times I wear mittens because gloves make me feel like I have webbed fingers.)  A customer was looking at them yesterday as working with cotton fabric dries out your skin, especially at this time of year when house heating makes  the air drier anyway.
This is the second item this blog month that comes to us from the office supply world.  The description in the supplier catalog says:

Now you can say goodbye to those smelly fingertip grips. The patented Crafter’s design is well ventilated and features gripping ridges for counting and sorting accuracy. It’s even open-ended to accommodate those with longer fingernails. The comfortable, multi-color design is durable, washable and reusable.

The gel grips  can go on one or more fingers for machine quilting.  They grip fabric well.  When handquilting, I have used a cut off balloon neck piece over a middle or ring finger to help me grip the needle and pull it through.  Gel grips work well instead and at $1.39 each they are reasonable enough to have 4 or 5 in my sewing kit.

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