Sunday, December 2, 2012

Highlighter Tape

Highlighter Tape
Every so often a product from the office world enters the quilt world and makes our quilting efforts a little bit easier.  How many times have quilters wandered the halls of an office supply store thinking about how they could use the wonderdful products there?  Who was the quilter that brought Frixion pens to us?
This year a product making the move is highlighter tape.  We have used Omnigrids 'Glow Tape' to help us on rulers in the past.  This tape is wider at 1/2" and come in a variety of colours.  You can use more than one colour on the ruler when cutting multiple piece sizes. 
At the November retreat I was using the 45 degree angle line on my large ruler.  There were many angles to cut and I just realized I would have saved many minutes of cutting time by using one little piece of tape.
Have you ever followed a pattern with lines and lines of cutting instructions at the beginning?  Have you ever cut the same instruction twice?  Have you ever missed a line?  I used the highlighter tape when doing one of 'Among Brenda's Quilts' bags.  The tape highlights 2 or 3 lines at a time so you know where you are.  When you finish those lines, the tape comes off easily and can be moved down to the next few lines.  It makes following the instructions so much easier!!

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