Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Binding Odd Angles

For a long time I have avoided projects with angles that are not the usual 90 degrees because I could not get the binding on the turns to look good.  The good news is that Creative Grids have introduced the 'Non-slip Angle Finder' tool.  Along with an online video, you can learn how to bind all sorts of corners beautifully! 

Here is a tip:  Along the way I learned how to turn a 60 degree corner using continuous binding.  The trick is not to fold the binding as far back as you do when doing a 90degree turn.  When making a 90 degree turn, you stop 1/4" from the end when stitching along a side.  Then you fold the binding away from the quilt at a 45 degree angle and fold it back over itself to continue down the new side.  So when the corner angle is 60 degrees, stop at the seam line that extends to the corner.  Or, mark the seam allowances with a marking tool, and stop where the lines cross.  Fold the binding less than all the way to the edge.  If you have a seam line, follow that.  The binding is folded at a 30 degree angle and doesn't have to touch the outside edge of the quilt.  Fold the binding over the turning fold as you would with a typical corner and continue on your way.  This results in a smooth corner when you turn the binding back to hand stitch. 

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