Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quilter's Freezer Paper

If you are looking for a gift for a special quilter, white freezer paper is good choice.  We use it for tracing applique shapes.  Art quilters use it as a stabilizer so they can draw or write directly onto it.  Those who print on fabric and other non-paper media use it as a carrier sheet to run fabric through an inkjet printer.  Do not use it in a laser printer as the heat melts the wax, the fabric detaches and you go shopping for a new printer.
Freezer paper is matte paper with a coating of wax on one side.  Fabric can be ironed to the wax side temporarily.
In our area grocery stores are not carrying boxes of white freezer paper.  We can get some from quilt store suppliers but their wholesale price is the grocery store retail price.  One store in a shop hop said she could get it but would have to get a case of 72. 
So, if you have no other choice we can offer two choices through our supplier, QuiltSource Canada.

 This is Reynolds box of freezer paper.  There are 75 feet in a box.  I can order 12 boxes at a time.  Each would retail for $10.25.  This is still the most economical option. 

Handy, printable freezer paper sheets are the perfect size for printing patterns or templates in an ink-jet printer or all-in-one. • Sheets lie flat - no ironing needed • Reusable 30 reusable 8 1/2" x 11" sheets are perfect for piecing, appliqué, or any freezer-paper technique.
I copied this from the Quiltsource website.  Produced by C&T Publishering this product retails about $10.75 per package.

Anytime you find something on the QuiltSource Canada website I can order it for you.  You usually receive a special order discount if I can combine the shipping with other items we need.

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