Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time to Relax and Sit Upon

Reminder that we are closed Christmas Eve to spend time with family.  The sale starts on Tuesday December 27 and ends Saturday December 31.  Every regular priced item in stock is 30%0ff. 

As I write I am testing the ‘Gypsy Sit Upon’.  It still feels strange but I can feel my core strengthening as I wiggle around.  If it works like the packages says I may be able to plan my massage therapist visits a little farther apart.  It says:

A softly inflated flexible disc used in chair seats to prevent fatigue, reduce pressure on the tail-bone, and help relieve lower back pain, while strengthening the core muscles and improving posture. The Sit Upon can be used on hard or soft chairs, recliners, car seats - anywhere you sit for long periods of time! The Sit Upon should be placed in the chair with its smooth side facing down. The side with knobby texture allows air flow for cooler seating and promotes improved blood circulation. Because it is filled with air, it will stay soft and comfortable, and "one size fits all"!

I think I need to get more comfortable on it before trying to do piecing that requires accuracy.  Wiggle one way and you could end up with a wobbly seam…lol... but it is fun.  Last night I tried it on my sewing chair and then upstairs on a soft chair.   It felt like it kept my spine aligned a little better but I will need to keep using it to feel longer benefits.

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