Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Specialty Rulers

Creative Grids has been making rulers for a while now.  You recognize them because they are clear plastic with black markings.  There are fuzzy looking circles on the underside which have texture to keep the ruler from slipping. 
So now they are creating interesting specialty rulers for those who have all the basics and are looking for something different.  I ordered three of the double strip rulers last summer but didn’t have much chance to try them so I took the 600 ruler to the retreat in November.  I figured this one might appeal to those crazy quilters making the ‘One Block Wonder’ quilts (make multiple hexagons from a large print fabric).  You could cut multiple stacks without moving the ruler.  The strips would be cut 4 ½”. 

When I read the instructions I discovered the ruler is designed to use with 2 ½” strips.  Sew two strips together and use the ruler to cut out accurate triangles.  The top point is missing, i.e. flat, so matching triangles is much easier.  I sewed together the two strips, cut the unit into two pieces 20” long and inverted one strip over the other, butting the seam allowances.  I was able to cut pairs.  The hexagons went together nicely.  To build them into a wallhanging I cut background triangles the same size and used markings on the ruler to cut half triangles to finish each row.  I added a small border in the background colour and a wider outer border.  Here is what I came up with:

There is a double strip ruler for 45o kaleidoscope blocks, perfect for traditional kaleidoscope or spider web quilts.  In a new flyer are new rulers for Storm At Sea, Drunkard’s Path and others.  You can check them out at www.checkerdist.com   Go to the Notions tab, click, click on Vendors, click on the letter C and choose Creative Grids from the list.  I will be ordering from this US supplier in January so let me know if there is something you need for one of the forthcoming snow days…
I decided Nellie needed a special pillowcase for her store pillow and made it yesterday.  Here is Nellie trying it out.  Notice she is cuddling a matching squeaky toy.


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  1. This is a good idea for the doggie who has everything! Love it Shirley!!