Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time To Learn

A quilter needs to give herself the best gift of all, time to learn.  No author, artist or composer created their best work without years of study, learning and development.  It became apparent to me when reading and looking at the life work of Picasso.  He took years to develop his technique, going through periods of exploration to determine and create his greatest works.  When I see a name on a class list or when someone registers for a class, I think ‘What can I teach her?’  Turns out she is taking the class because it is a technique or skill she wants to learn more about and see if it is something that will become a part of her style.  Or, sometimes we just want to have fun with other quilters. 
Everyone is at a different place in their journey as a quilter.  Beginners should be encouraged to enjoy their progress and not compare their work to the quilter who has tons of experience.  A quilter who makes exquisite log cabins may take an applique class for the first time.  You can always try it and decide if it is the first and last project you will ever make in that technique (insert feathered star blocks for me).   Maybe quilting is a way for us to connect to and make friends with in a less stressful way than with family and work. 

This time of year with its long days and dull weather makes me think too much.  (see above).  Yesterday I started cleaning and sorting.  Three bags of books that all friends have read, three bags of toiletries and gifts from the gifts-just-in-case-we-need-something stash to the women's shelter and 2 bags of magazines to the guild made little dent.  Today I will lighten the load of stuff some more.  Tomorrow will be interesting new tools.....promise!

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