Friday, December 2, 2011

Frixion Pens

What a lot of chatter has been generated by quilters using these pens!  Pilot has been making these pens since 1986 (says their website) but some smart quilter introduced them to the world of quilting.  They are thermo-sensitive gel pens which are removed from paper by friction or from fabric by heat.  They come in a variey of colours but black and orange are the favourites at this shop.   If you haven't been following their use in the quilt world here is an update:

1.  Good news.  A gel pen that marks on fabric and is easily removed by running a warm iron over it.  Unlike water soluble pens, the ink is not set by heat.  Anyone who has run a hot iron over the blue marking pen knows how hard it is to get rid of the lines.

2.  Bad news.  After spending time marking you decided to give the fabric a little press and removed all the lines! 

3.  Good news.  The marks from Frixion pens reappear at -10C.  Place your fabric in the freezer and all will reappear.

4.  Bad news.  The quilt you shipped by airmail to the quilt show arrived with all the pen marks showing.

5.  Good news.  We learned that all the pen marks will wash out and you have no marks to reappear.  Wash quilts before shipping to shows.

That is the story so far.  If there are any more developments we will be sure to hear.  I still want to see if a hair dryer will remove the marks.  If you were to arrive at a show with your lines showing, it could be an easy fix in the hotel room.

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