Friday, December 9, 2011

Scissors of All Sorts

Scissors are a great gift for quilters to give or receive.  They are the one gift you can get in multiples and keep. You need scissors in your sewing basket, in your workshop kit, by your sewing chair and for travelling.  You need scissors for fabric, paper and special projects.  You need snips, shears and needle nosed.  Here are some we have:
Pretty scissors
Applique Scissors
Little pretty scissors
Large Spring loaded
Great basic

You get the idea.  Tools can be taken for granted so take time to clean your scissors blades.  I've heard cutting paper doesn't dull scissors but does leave a coating on them which makes them feel less sharp.  Wash with soap and water to remove the coating.  I will put them in the oven on a very low temperature to dry any water that could cause rust.  Turn on the oven no higher than 140|F, set the timer for 3-4 mintues and turn off the oven when  the timer goes.  That way you remember to turn the heat off.  I leave the scissors in for awhile longer.  Low temperature shouldn't melt plastic handles. 

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