Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Among Brenda's Quilts

Brenda Miller has been a friend for years.  I knew her as an artist through the Strathroy Art Group.  She had worked at the store before she developed her pattern line that keeps her on the move these days. 
On a trip to California Brenda dropped in to visit Hoffman fabrics and has established a working relationship with them.  We get excited at the thought of free fabric but imagine it arriving with the expectation there will new quilts and bags created, made and the pattern published on a very short timeline!  I wouldn't know where to start and would be totally overwhelmed.  That usually results in little getting done.
This year Brenda has shown her versatility in designing embroidered quilts, strip friendly quilts and bags.
 On Monday I started 'The Noel Advent Calendar'.  If you are interested, rather than a traditional class, you could book a time to get started and come once a month to sit, stitch and work on the embroidery.  When you are ready to go on, advice is available.  Now that the long snowy days of winter are due to arrive it is a great time to start a handwork project.  Snuggle under a quilt with a bright light close by and relax with a needle and thread.
We have 'Granny's Attic Toy Shop', 'Angels Watching Over Me' and 'Snow Angels Pillow' to try. 
Check Brenda's video on YouTube and learn how easy these quilts are.

The 'Everything Goes Bag' is Brenda's newest bag pattern.  There are pockets on the outside and enough pockets on the inside to carry all the modern technical devices (phone, netbook and tablet). 

I made a Christmas version to take shopping.   There is a zippered inside pocket for extra security too.  A 'new to quilting' foam batting makes the outside firm so it sits up and is less floppy than other bags.  The foam dried out really quickly when the strap didn't get entirely into the car and was driven close to the wet road from downtown London to the south end.  Just so you know and don't have to try that yourself.

Go to Brenda's website, to see the new 'Bali Cream Crackle' and 'Bali Fruit Swirl' using the new line of Bali Pops while I get breakfast.


  1. Thanks for the blogspot Shirley! I also have a brand new pattern that is perfect for those quilters who'd like something a little bit different. It has no quilting, no binding and no batting and it's a table runner. Brenda

  2. Sew excited to be tackling this project. Thank you for this share. This way I know what mine should remotely look like.