Monday, December 5, 2011

Just Like Christmas

Some days it's just like Christmas here.  Months ago the sale reps came and fabulous fabrics were ordered. Time goes by, work gets done and suddenly, one day, the delivery truck pulls up to the door.  A big heavy box comes in, all tightly wrapped and hiding its secrets.  You try to remember what you put on the list, knowing the supplier could have sent all or part or just bits of what you want.  It's such a surprise and just like Christmas.    Today we got:

2 boxes of new Bali Pops: 6 Key Lime and 6 Watermelon.  We still have Plum Pudding, Cherry, Blueberry and Coconut.
A Hoffman colour card for the over 360 Bali watercolours.  Now we should be able to tell what colour sample you brought in and want to match!

Berenstain Bears charm packs and layer cakes from Moda.  We ordered bolts of several prints but they aren't due for release until the new year, February.

and we received some bolts of this, with just three backorders.

Summer Breeze II by Sentimental Studios for Moda
Bask in the beauty of warm, sunny yellows, soft sky blues and deep cobalt as refreshing as a dip in the crisp, cool ocean waves. Flourishing florals, Jacobeans, and delightfully airy blossoms will whisk you away with the Summer Breeze.

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