Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rulers + BlocLoc

A quilter can never have enough rulers.  After the basic rectangles and squares, you start to collect special shapes.  For the beginner, here is the order to suit many projects:

6 1/2" by 24", 12 1/2" square, 6 1/2" square, 3 1/2" by 24", 4 1/2" square if you like working small, 20 1/2" square

After that you can collect rulers suited projects.  There are hundreds of rulers and templates to collect.

However, if you are experiencing challenges, here are some rulers to help you trim to size for bias squares and flying geese.  I know I have trouble cutting and accurately piecing those squares and triangles with fractions having 8 on the bottom- 5/8" 7/8".  So I sew them bigger and trim them to the perfect size.  No one knows and I can be more accurate at the next step.  Three years ago at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh we met a couple selling their own brand called BlocLoc.  They designed and manufactured themselves.  This fall they were at a trade show in Toronto and now have a Canadian distributor so the rulers will be more accessible to Canadian quilters.  They say
  •  Bloc_Loc™ is a revolutionary new channel technology to allow you to accurately "square-up" a half square triangle block while eliminating slipping and ruler rock completely.
  • Flying Geese:1.5" x 3" Flying Geese Square up ruler. Fitted with the Bloc_Loc groove Locks on to both seam allowances at the same time. Square up your Flying Geese blocks in less time and with far greater accuracy every time! Works on all Flying Geese block methods. You will never take the top of a Goose again!! 1/4" seam allowance all the way round. Mistake free!!

Check them out at   There you can see the video demonstration.  We have a variety of ruler sizes and combinations.  I'd love to demonstrate.

PS  I am a little late today as I attended the Poplar Hill Lions Ham and Turkey Bingo last night.  Unfortunately I didn't win a ham or a turkey.  As Tim says, it would have been cheaper just to buy one at the grocery store.  But then you aren't supporting the work the Lions do in our community.    Maybe at the Easter bingo.

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