Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Pillowcases are a big thing since some smart cookie figured out the easier way to sew them.  Called the hot dog, sausage or burrito method, this technique makes fast sewing of the top cuff.  Sew a French or enclosed seam down the side and along the bottom to finish it off.  Email us at themarshstore@execulink.com for the directions or search on YouTube for a video.

The London Friendship Quilters’ Guild made a huge pile of pillowcases for a residential home for children.  Each child having to stay gets his/her own unique pillowcase to remind them someone is thinking about them and cares.

I make pillowcases to use as wrapping paper for toys.  I tie it closed with ribbon.  It takes as long to unwrap as paper, you can put the toys back in the case to tidy up and the recipient has a good quality fabric pillowcase to last the year.  I also recommend them as a couch napping pillowcase.  When we had room for an actual couch I made a flannel pillowcase and enjoyed many a Sunday afternoon nap on it.

Do you have trouble thinking of gifts for young men?  We have football, hockey, soccer, basketball, skateboarding and gaming fabric so you can make them a single or pair of pillowcases.  Anne made up some pillowcase kits in football team colours.  She made a sample in her Denver Bronco team colours.

Pillowcases are a great beginner sewing project.  So if you are teaching young ones to sew, it is simple and useful.

We have put all Christmas fabric, patterns, whatever, on sale for 30% off the regular price.  That makes the Christmas pillowcase kits $6.30 plus tax.  Since you can sew them up in 15 minutes you can have enough made for wrapping awkward shaped gifts in no time. 

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