Saturday, December 17, 2011

More Little Tools

Last week a notions sales rep dropped in so I ordered a few new things to blog about.

1.        Heirloom Crease Marker-  it’s a Hera marker made of plastic.  Quilters use them to mark a temporary quilting line when marking as you go.  It can be used for creasing fabric folds or paper folds.  It can be used for rubbing on stencils or stickers.  $5.99

2.        Heirloom Finger Presser- often seem in wood but this one is plastic.  A quilter will use it to hand press seams until she feels like going to the ironing board.  It is useful for folding and pressing by hand when paper piecing.  $5.99

3.       LED Lighted Tweezer and Magnifier-  earlier I included magnifying tweezers but these go one step farther.  The package says ‘handy lighted tweezers for home, craft and hobbies.  I like the idea of using it for beading.  $9.99

4.       Sulky Tool Kit-  as they say on the website “contains every tool the home sewer most frequently uses and needs. All in one convenient, easy-to-pack and carry kit. No more searching for your tools. They will be right within reach or with you all the time whenever you need them.”  $32.95


Some day I'll figure out how to get all these pictures lined up nicely.  Have a great day!

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