Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What More Could You Ask For?

There are only 3 days left to shop. That means 21 ideas have been posted so far. What else is left to talk about?

How about needles? I never seem to have enough needles or know where the ones I need are at that moment. So, if a quilter needs stocking stuffers, I would suggest an assortment of needles. Machine needles: universal needles in size 75 and 90, topstitch needles in 90 and 100 sizes (see Dec 12), quilting needles in size 90, embroidery needles, etc....

Hand sewing needles: quilting needles known as betweens in a variety of sizes, sharps as small as you can use, embroidery or milliners needles for binding, straw needles, etc......

I am getting the idea we should have a class about using needles. That way you could learn when and how to use the different ones. Using the correct tool at the right time always improves the quality of your work by making it easier.

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