Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Golden Threads Quilting Paper

I've been a fan of this paper for quite awhile even though I don't use it often. A couple of days ago I tried making fat quarter placemats using the method whereby you draw the pattern on paper, stack the fabrics, cut through all layers and shuffle the fabrics. In the photo I used 4 Thimbleberries fat quarters from my stash. I used freezer paper but will switch to Golden Threads paper so I can make multiple copies of the pattern.

The No-Trace Marking Method for stencils or my pattern method: Trace your design onto one layer of golden paper. Stack multiple layers of paper underneath. Unthread your sewing machine and stitch through all layers to creates holes in the layers below. Take one layer and lightly iron to project. It can be ironed on once. Cut or sew, following the holes. Tear away the paper.
Golden Threads Quilting Paper also acts as a stabilizer for all fabrics and tears away easily after stitching. It comes in rolls 20 yards long, in widths of 12", 18" and 24".

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