Monday, December 21, 2009

BoNash For Art Quilts

I first learned about BoNash products in fibre art workshops. There are several items I just love.

The 'Bonding Agent 007' is glue in powdered form. Think fusible webbing as sugar. I use it with angelina and foil. In the past I have used it when I have nicked a fabric after quilting in a wallhanging. The hanging wouldn't get washed alot even though the glue does hold through washing and dry cleaning. Sprinkle a little in the slit, cover with parchment paper and iron until fused. It's great for clothing hem repair in a pinch. The hem never comes down but, if it does become loose, just warm it up with the iron to reglue it. They suggest their non-stick craft sheet but I use parchment.

Jane loves the BoNash Iron Shoe. The promotional literature says:

The Ironslide Iron Shoe fits easily over the base of your iron. Made of PTFE A space-age material that is non-stick. Nothing sticks, starch and fusibles wipe off. Nothing burns or scorches. Iron from cotton to silk or denim to lace without waiting for iron to cool. Iron over sequins, puff paint, glitter, motifs without damage. Eliminate the need for a press cloth.

Loving glitter and sparkle as I do, I recently played with the Pressure Sensitive Fabric Adhesive and the No-Mess Glitter Tower. The woman demonstrating at Quilt Market said the glitter is much finer than others so it sparkles more. Yes, I agree. Although some things on the counter still have bits of glitter on them so I am not sure about the no-mess label. I would love to show you my samples. The glitter at $30.99 is pricey but can be used in other craft areas such as cardmaking and scrapbooking. The PS Fabric Adhesive can be used with foils. The packaging has both a Bo-Nash logo and a Tonertex Foil logo so I am beginning to wonder if there is more of a connection with what we have known as Jones Tones. Hmmmmm?

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