Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Design Walls

When making wallhangings and quilts there are times when you need to lay out the pieces to see the overall effect. You could be working with traditional blocks you may be auditioning sashing and borders. If you are creating as you go, a design wall helps you sample alternatives as you go.

If you are using a multipurpose space, like the guest room, you need something that goes up and comes down easily. I have used flannel sheets, bought at garage sales by my mother-in-law, and tacks or masking tape.

Fons&Porter introduced a design wall for quilters that fills all your needs. Its flannel side allows you to arrange patchwork, quilt blocks and quilt sections on it without pinning. There are 2" grid lines which are easy to see. The 60" x 72" size is excellent for home or to take to class where space is at a premium. There are diagonal lines for aligning blocks on point. The retail price is $28.99

If you use removable mounting hooks to put it up, then you can take in down in a flash and store it away until the next project. If you are in the middle of a project, you can fold it into the design wall. It will be in the right order when you take it out and hang it again.

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