Friday, December 11, 2009

BoNash Ironing Board Cover

Bo Nash has been a favourite company of mine for quite awhile. I love the bonding powder and have used it in so many ways.

Last May when Tim and I went to the trade show, 'Quilt Market' in Pittsburg we saw the ironing board covers. Tim had used pine plywood to make a larger rectangular ironing board for ironing quilt backs. We covered it with several kinds of batting and muslin. So, at the show, we saw the BoNash ironing board cover and ordered them right away. I will copy and paste the promo write up because I can't say it any better:

Reflective Ironingboard Cover. Cut your ironing time in half. The “Fit & Stick” cover is made from a space-age fabric that reflects the heat of your iron BACK to the garment, effectively ironing both sides at once. Not only that, “Fit & Stick” actually sticks to your ironing board so it doesn’t move around when you’re ironing. Fits any size board and comes with its own foam pad. If you have to iron, you have to have Stick N Fit. Reflects 300% more heat than a regular cotton cover and... stays put.
Also, fusible webbing (WonderUnder, Steam-A-Seam, Misty Fuse) do not stick and can be rubbed off with a cloth. Guess how I
The size for a regular board is $29.99 and the giant size is $49.99

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