Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fons & Porter Marking Tools

Choosing the right marking tool is like being lost in the forest. You get turned around every time you think you are headed in the right direction.

Fortunately for your Christmas stocking, Fons & Porter products have a number of products to suit different marking needs. For those who want to use pencil, their mechanical pencil makes a fine line that can be stitched over to cover it. The pencil lead comes in black and white with refills.

Or, they have water soluble graphite pencils that wash out. We have had a couple of quilts come in for quilting that were marked with pencil. The quilters were having trouble removing the pencil marks and would have loved the marks to wash out with water.

Brenda has been using the water soluble markers which look more like pencils. In fact the side of the marker says 'watersoluble all surface pencil'. The package comes with 1 white and one black. They can be sharpened to a point so you can keep sharp.

Remember always always always test the marking tool on a scrap before using it on a quilt!! Most water soluble products become permanent when ironed!! Be aware!

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