Monday, December 14, 2009

Special Rulers- Day 1

Once you have the basic rulers, long and a couple of squares, you are ready to look at specialty rulers. There are so many I will take a couple of days to feature ones you would like to add to your collection.

Eleanor Burns, 'Quilt In a Day', designed a 'Triangle Square Up Ruler' to help quilters piece more accurately and put bits of fabric to use. Instead of cutting each and every triangle for bias squares, sew first and use the ruler to trim the triangles to the perfect size. The first ruler works for bias squares up to 6 1/2". Recently she added a larger ruler for squares to 9 1/2". I just checked and saw a video on how to use it. Or, come in and I will show you how this great ruler will save you time and make your piecing more precise.

June Taylor has a line of rulers called Shape Cut. We have the 'Shape Cut Too' because I have dreams of cutting some stash into 1/4" pieces to knit (My latest skill to learn). Imagine the great bags you could knit from favourite fabrics, that have spent years sitting on the shelf, yearning to be used. The ruler has slits spaced half an inch apart so you can run your rotary cutter without slipping. If you have difficulty cutting along the outside edge of the ruler, this ruler line would help. Check out the other rulers in this line at

Remember special orders are 25% off. So if we don't have a ruler you want, check QuiltSource and we will order it for you.

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