Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quilt Kits

There are lots of quilters who like using kits. The pattern and fabrics appeal to them so they can get started making the quilt right away.

I always find it a challenge to make kits. Choosing a pattern is the easiest part. Trying to choose fabrics in colours to suit customers' taste is the hard part. Sometimes we go with the same fabric as the pattern, especially when the pattern is available online from the fabric company. Or, when Brenda has designed a pattern with a specific line of fabric which we ordered, like Northcott's 'Winter Sports' flannel line. Sometimes I like the pattern and try to choose fabric you would like.

We think it is important to take time to plan a quilt with you when you come into the store. Doing this could be thought of as helping you choose your own quilt kit. That way we are both happy with the choices.

Always remember we are here to help. Helping you choose fabric is the most fun I can have! It's my kind of playtime!

PS: Have you ever checked out the free patterns from your favourite fabric company?

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