Sunday, December 20, 2009

Help for Speeding Up Your Binding Stitches

Time running out and so much binding to do? Here are 3 ways that may help:

1. Clover Needle Threading Cassette: Automatically threads and stores up to five needles. For sharps No.2 though No.10 and all other needles that can be fitted into the Cassette. Put your needles on in a bright light. You save time by quickly threading the needles.

2. Finger Flashlight: Strap it to your finger so the light shines directly on the section you are stitching. You could even keep binding while the driver takes you to the receiver of the gift.

3. Foxglove Cottage Needles: I find a longer needle for binding makes it easier to sew as there is more to grasp and pull. I have used the Embroidery needles lately as they are long but still thin. When my fingers get tired the length makes it easier to grab.

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