Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mary Ellen's 'Best Press'

It's a wonderful life since 'Best Press' entered the sewing room! I grew up helping with the ironing, everything from shirts to underwear to bed sheets. How I wish I had this back then.

'Best Press' really makes ironing easy. I was amazed at how easily the creases disappeared from the fabric left folded in my stash for years and years. So this morning I went looking for some old linen and tried it on a wrinkly tablecloth. Ten presses across the cloth with a hot iron did nothing so I sprayed on 'Best Press'. The wrinkles were gone in 2 swipes. It's almost enough to pull the tablecloths out for Christmas!

'Best Press' is available in 3 sizes. Try the 473 ml (16 oz) size first ($9.99), because it comes with the spray, and then refill it from the 999.59 ml (33.8 oz) size for $18.69. If you are using it up quickly go for the 3.9L size (1 gal) which we special order so you receive 25% off the $56.26 regular price. There are several scents to choose from. Since I have allergies to flowery scents we order scentless or lavender. You can request Caribbean Beach, cherry or rose if they appeal to you. Check out the scents and sizes at

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  1. I use Best Press, it is terrific!

    I am so glad you have started this blog Shirley. What a great way to keep up on some fabulous must have products.