Monday, December 2, 2013

The Perfect Scissors

Karen Kay Buckley spent about 3 years working on the perfect pair of scissors.  I think she has accomplished something great.  There are 3 sizes, each useful for quilting tasks.  One of the suppliers had an open house in August and I was able to meet her and hear what she wanted in the perfect pair. 

These scissors have micro-serrated blades that cut to the very tip.  The blades cut through multiple layers of fabric easily because the micro-serration grips the fabric and pulls it in toward the blade. 

Medium and Small
The finger holes are large and soft to fit your fingers comfortably.  One day I noticed I had arranged my fingers in an unusual way but it gave me so much more control over my cutting.  The small size blades do a wonderful job with applique points and valleys.

Perfect for snipping
Check out her website for a video explanation.  Seems she has perfect pins now too.

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