Monday, December 23, 2013

Stocking Stuffers

Here are a few last minute stocking stuffers you could get:

On the left, a cute pair of embroidery scissors with a retractable tape measure.  The tape measure has a magnet on the back.  I wouldn't put it on the sewing machine but if you have metal on your table or filing cabinet you would have a better chance of finding it when stuck there.

On the right is a Blingaling  LED flashlight.  It has a hanging hook.  One customer bought it for her elderly mother to hang on her bathroom for late night walks down the hall.  There is a small magnet on the back to attach it to metal.  There is a smaller band of lights on the narrow end.  I used one to find the blue box late one windy night.  It was way down the road by the conservation area.  I would want one if I parked in a parking lot and needed to walk to my car at night.  The full lights would blind someone who looked directly at it.

On the left is the mini Seam Fix seam ripper.  The white end pulls out the thread bits left after picking. 

On the right are Wonder Clips.  Most people use them for binding.  I love them for bag construction with foam batting.  They clamp on tightly where pins bend trying to get them through all the layers.  They hold multiple layers of fabric at tricky points too.

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