Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 1: Where To Begin? How About Some Candy!

For several years now I have posted one idea per day for the 24 days in December before Christmas.  The ideas are things quilters would like to give or receive for Christmas.  I try to find new notions, patterns or other items that have come out over the past year. 
This year I have become stressed trying to decide which is the most exciting for this year.  Brenda's wonderful new patterns for her 'Among Brenda's Quilts and Bags' pattern line?  Best new notion?  My favourite new fabrics and designers?  Wonderful quilters I have met who are doing fabulous things?  Where to begin?  Yikes!
So to overcome the stress, let's start with something small, something quilters would love to get and would love to give to other quilters.

Moda Candy
This candy has no calories and provides hours of enjoyment.  It is 42 squares measuring 2 1/2" each.  Think of a charm pack (5") cut into 4.  Cute little squares made from one fabric line that are available long before the bolts arrive in a store. 
You can play with them to plan a future quilt, make them into small projects or dream about which ones you will add to your stash in larger amounts.  Moda has printed small sized pattern books with projects.  Here are some of the ideas we have made as store samples:
This tablerunner is from "Crossroads Table Set' by 'Among Brenda's Quilts'.  We decided not to bind it but to turn it through to show off the candy squares. 
This is Karen's modern mini quilt.  Some people think it is a placemat but that is your choice.
Ela sewed rows together and added piping around the outside.  What a great way to make an easy gift: all co-ordinated fabric with some bits from your stash instead of having to find 36 fat quarters.

So, what about tomorrow...

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