Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Colour Reference

Lots and lots of quilters say they need help with colour.  There are lots and lots of books, resources and people to help.  Look at magazines, especially food and décor ones, for ideas about what colours appeal to you. 

Dritz has a colour wheel that you can carry with you when looking for fabric.  I have had a larger version for years but this purse size one is a much easier tool to carry.  We can use it when you come looking for fabric.  The picture isn't the best but if you can make it out, the wheel has holes in it so you can lay the opening over the fabric and see what hue it is.  The smaller centre wheel turns so you can see which colours are complimentary and analogous.

Google is another great source of information.  I googled color wheel and up popped lots of great websites on colour theory.  The more you read and look the more you understand and know.  Have you ever looked for the Panetone colour of the year?  Check out 2014.  Look for the list of the top 10 colours for 2014 and go to Moda's website to see the fabrics coming in the spring.  Notice anything?  Now go and see what colours they think we will be wearing this coming spring and summer.  Now you can astound your quilting friends and non-quilters with your fashion forward quilts!  Wedding season will be fast approaching....

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