Thursday, December 19, 2013


Calendars are a challenge to bring in to the store.  I never know which one will appeal to the greatest number of people.  Lots of people wait to buy it on sale and calendars cost more for shipping, usually.  We are outside the city and the big chain bookstores carried the same calendars. 

This year I ordered one, 'Primitive Quilts'.

I met the women from Primitive Quilts in Houston at Quilt Market.  I had such a great time talking to them I ordered the calendars.

The flash doesn't show off the warmth of the colours. 

The calendar doesn't have projects but references the magazine issue the project of the month was in.

There is a pocket at the bottom of the calendar to hold special notes and things.  I had never seen that before on a calendar.

I would be happy to order one of your choice if you let me know soon.

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