Friday, December 20, 2013

Cut Loose Press

I shop Canadian first whenever I can.  With all the plant closures and job losses I think it is important to support Canadian companies.

Having said that, I will order from US distributors at times.  One, Checker Distributors, came up with a great idea.  They are printing 1 page patterns at an affordable price.  Of course, each pattern has items you need to make it but I try to order the ones for tools you already have for other projects or things you may have bought and don't know how to use. 

Brenda Miller of 'Among Brenda's Quilts' designed this pattern using the rectangle ruler.

So when she designed this CLP pattern, I knew it would make good use of the same tool.

So, this runner 'Modern Mosaic' is proof that even an experienced quilter needs to read instructions.  This version is number 4!   Version 1- I looked at the picture, said "I made the other pattern, who needs to read."  Result was all the colours in the wrong places and a full set of triangles cut wrong (if you do this and use metric fat quarters you have enough in a fat quarter to recut one set of triangles).  Version 2- I read the instructions but made poor colour choices for the mediums and stopped reading before I cut one set of triangles wrong.  Version 3- I choose the right colours for the right places and cut all the triangles the right way the first time.  I did sew the rows together so the middle ones were going the wrong way but didn't see until the quilting was done.  Version 4- Read the pattern correctly, sewed the rows correctly, got the colour chosen correctly.  Moral of the story... read and follow the pattern!!

Excuse the photo.  Her pattern is the bottom one and the ruler you need is beside it.  The other pattern is for all the I Spy fabric you collected.

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