Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Precut Fabric

Quilters have their own vocabulary so which non-quilting relatives and new quilters find so confusing.  Print out this list for your gift giver to take shopping for you.  Highlight your favourite precuts so they know what to buy.

Candy         2 1/2" squares, usually 42 squares from one line of fabric by Moda

Charms       5 inch squares with 40 to 42 in a set.  Some companies have other names:
                    Hoffman has Bali Snaps, Timeless Treasures has Tonga ,  Moda has charm squares

Squares       10 inch squares with 40 to 42 in a set.
                    Moda is layer cakes, Timeless Treasures is Tonga Squares, Hoffman is Bali Crackers
                    Robert Kaufman has squares for the Kona cotton collections. I'm thinking about them.

Jelly Rolls   2 1/2" strips with 40 to 42 strips in a set but may have less.
                    Timeless is Tonga Treats, Hoffman is Bali Pops, Moda is jelly rolls

Hexagons    Moda is producing 6 inch hexagons.  We have some in solid colours and a few from
                    fabric collections.

Triangles     Moda has had turnovers, triangles made from 5 inch squares but we haven't had them for
                     awhile.  Moda introduced Slices at Quitl Market this fall which are triangles made from
                     10 inch squares.

Fat Quarters   These are one quarter of a yard or metre.  Instead of cutting 1/4 from the bolt so it is
                       9-10" by 42", we cut 1 metre in half horizontally and vertically to make each quarter
                       about 19" by 21".  It is a much more versatile size than a long skinny quarter.  Because
                       we are Canadian we cut fat quarters of a metre.  I stay away from buying them already
                       cut because they would be one quarter of a yard which is smaller than store made ones.

More companies make precuts.  I think this is enough for now!  I'll add photos when Tim is done with the computer....

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