Friday, December 19, 2014

Hexagons One Way or Another

How many ways are there to make the currently popular hexagons?  Here are a few:

1.  English Paper Piecing
Use precut paper templates.  Baste the fabric to the paper and whip stitch the folded side to the next hexagon.  The papers are reusable.  Handstitchers who want a project to take wherever they go like this method.

2.  Die Cut
    Moda has die cut hexagons in their collection of Bakeshop items.  We have had some off and on.

3.  Templates
You could use these for hand or machine work.  There are small holes at the seam intersections for ease of piecing.  When you machine piece hexagons, you stop and backstitch at the intersection point.  This makes it easier to fit the angle into the next hexagon. 

4.  Hex n More
This special tool makes hexagons, half hexagons (trapezoids), 60 degree triangles and jewel shapes.  It is produced by Jaybird who has lots of great modern patterns for intermediate quilters.
5.  Creative Grids Hexagon Trim Tool
This is the Creative Grid Hexagon Trim Tool.  It works like the log cabin and pineapple trim tool.  The basic process is to cut a centre shape to size and add larger than needed pieces to it.  Then, use the tool to trim the fabric to the perfect size.  If you are trying hexagons for the first time, this tool will make seam allowance challenges go away.  The instructions are clear and you can follow them step by step.  If you are a more visual learner, Creative Grid's website has great videos to demonstrate how to use the tool.  I made the tea hanging from a Cut Loose Press pattern.

There are very likely more ways to make and sew hexagons but these should be enough for you to get started!  Happy Hexies!

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