Monday, December 15, 2014

Foam Batting

Foam batting is a layer of foam with tricot or soft polyester fabric on either side.  It is easy to sew, washes well without shrinkage and is great for adding dimension to projects.  We use it for bags to make them stand up and look good for long periods of time.  I made 2 tote bags with the Whistlepig Creek pattern, 'Six Pack Stack'.  It is used 6 fat quarters and is reversible. 

I was going to take a photo of the two bags so you can see what a difference the foam batting makes.  However, did you know I was away for the last 11 days and have been posting while on the road?  I prepared all the posts before we left and posted them each day.  I know you can set the time for posting each one but I have never had success with that.  So, today I cannot find the second bag with the foam batt.  I know Murphy's Law of quilting states I will find it as soon as I post this but you will have to wait another day.

Or not!  The phone rang, I answered it and, while talking, spied the bag.  So here they are:

The bag on the left is made with regular batting, 80-20, and the bag on the right has foam batt. These days it is nice to have a bag that doesn't fall over and require you to touch the floor to get it.  Many of Brenda's bags use the foam batt.  You will see the results in previous posts for 'The Voyager Bag' and 'The Girlfriends Bag'. 

Leftover pieces of foam are great for cosmetic bags for travelling since they sit up straight on a hotel bathroom counter and protect breakables in transit.

Another new pattern of Brenda's this year is the 'Simply Dry'.  Use charm squares or make your own 5" squares and foam batt to make a cushioned drip dry mat for your kitchen or bar.  The foam batt dries quickly, you can test and practise machine stitches for decorative work and make a gift all at the same time. 

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