Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday: By chance or appointment

Sometimes we have someone call to come on a Sunday. Or, if people are out driving on a beautiful day like today, they stop by chance. We do not mind opening the door to let you in but here are some helpful hints:

1. In good weather, if there are 3 cars (1 Mustang, a red Vibe and a black Golf) there is a good chance we are here. In winter the Mustang stays in the carport by the store.

2. We are likely upstairs with the quilting machine, the washing machine or the dryer going so may not hear or see you.

3. Give us at least 3 minutes to get downstairs. Knock on the door a few times or call from a cell phone to let us know you are here.

4. If we are out walking Nellie we will be back within a half hour.

There have been a number of times when we see someone and run downstairs. By the time we get to the door the car is turning onto Ilderton Road and you don't see us jumping up and down waving on the porch.

Hope these hints help.

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