Saturday, January 28, 2012

Everything Goes Bag

How different can one bag be?!

We worked on Brenda's 'Everything Goes Bag' yesterday and today.  These bags need a little topstitching around the top and some buttons but so far they are looking pretty great!

Michelle's heading down south soon and wanted something lighter.  It makes me thing of spring.

Sharon's is striking and prefect for taking to work.  For a beginner quilter she did a great job.

We needed another store sample so I made this one.  We have the same fabric with black background which would be striking but this one is more party friendly.  It's for the girl who needs to bring everything to the party... makeup, shoes, snacks, phone, tablet, change of clothes ( and I'm thinking of those of us who need a clean shirt because we didn't wear our glasses and misjudged the spoon trajectory), etc.

I have another one on the go to replace the Christmas one I am still carrying but will post a photo when it is almost done.  This pattern is one of 'Among Brenda's Quilts' by Brenda Miller.

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  1. I'm gathering supplies to make my first Everything Goes bag to be used for schlepping Bible, etc. for weekly worship. I'm excited to begin this bag.